Historic Camp Atterbury, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Freeman Army Air Field, Wakeman General Hospital, Billings General Hospital, Indiana Veterans' Graves, Italian POWs in Indiana, German POWs in Indiana, and Camp Atterbury Prisoner's of War. Reconstructed Rosters for Camp Atterbury WW2 & Korean Infantry Divisions
The Military History of South-Central Indiana, including the Bases, Posts, Fields, Units and Personnel that trained from World War II to Present Day


Michael Willever spent ten years of his lifetime (2004-2014)researching, compiling, touring the battlefield, mapping it and writing a fictional narrative on the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky. He spent over a year researching the history of the event before writing a single word. He incorporated every fact uncovered and strived to not include anything that could not fit or be connected to what we know of these events.

Michael Willeverís first novel...

A Dark and Bloody Ground - Sowing the Wind

A historical narrative, which takes place during the Kentucky Campaign in 1862, takes you through the events leading up to the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky.

Michael Willeverís second novel...

A Dark and Bloody Ground - Reaping the Whirlwind

This novel puts the readers on the battlefield! You will see all the action through the eyes of several protagonists.  These novels are a must read for all Civil War and History Buffs!!!  These novels are both available through Amazon, Authorhouse, Barnes and Noble and where all other fine books are sold.
On a very sad note I hate to report there will be no more books to follow this wonderful book series due to the fact that we lost Michaelís research assistant Michael R. Phelps in 2016 to cancer. Then; on March 14, 2017 we lost author Michael Willever to a sudden heart attack.

Please feel free to share this with your family and friends.

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The information presented in this site has contributed to the following :
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"Purple Heart returned to family"


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TV eposide of Freeman Field digs

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Jewish Americans in a WW2 movie

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Search for German POWs held in America

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Search for MIAs

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"Mitchell Gallery of Flight Museum"
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Return of military ID tag lost on Normandy beach to Boris Stern, 30th INF DIV.

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Documentary on
MSgt Roddie Edmonds,

who saved 200 American Jewish soldiers

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Dutch/Belgian Fields of Honor

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Indiana University Studies app
to support the Indiana High School
Studies app.

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Samuel Klee PhD dissertation about prison farms during World War II

"Wyoming WWII Film"
of an American POW during WWII, held in Stalag XIIA, Stalag XB, and Marlag Nord.

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HMT Rohna attack by German guided bomb, 11/26/1943
T/4 Joseph Pisinski
31 Signal Const. BN

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