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09/23/1944 100,00 Yanks ashore in the Philippines
10/27/1944 26 big Jap ships blasted
10/30/1944 Mud boggs Nazi fleeing Holland
11/01/1944 West Holand campaign nearing a conclusion
11/02/1944 British land on Walcheren Isle
11/041944 1st Army batters ahead 2 miles
11/06/1944 5,000 Heavies in non-stop blitz
11/07/1944 Savage bomb blitz continues
11/08/1944 Voters jam polls in record turnout
11/09/1944 Roosvelt captures 33 states
11/10/1944 Heavies help Patton's advance
11/11/1944 3rd pushes on in four sectors   V2 explained
11/13/1944 Metz ring two-thirds closed
11/14/944 3rd takes fort guarding Metz
11/15/1944 Big guns of Metz still silent
11/16/1944 Americans a mile from Metz
11/17/1944 6 Allied armies attack in West
11/18/1944 Yanks 20 miles from Rhine
11/20/1944 Yanks overrun one-third of Metz
11/21/1944 French at the Rhine; Metz falls
11/22/1944 Nazis retreat on 100-mile front
11/23/1944 Trap threatens 70,000 Nazis
11/24/1944 French tanks in Strasbourg
11/25/1944 Report first units cross Rhine; Supers hit Tokyo from Saipan
11/27/1944 1st inches on in savage battle; Smashes on to Hurtgen Forest
11/28/1944 Yanks & Tommies slug ahead toward Rhineland
11/29/1944 Big tank battle reported on
12/01/1944 Nazi oil dealt huge air blow
12/02/1944 3rd reached Saar in the North
12/04/1944 3rd battles into Saarlautern - GIs surprise Nazis
12/05/1944 3rd strikes for Saarbruecken
12/06/1944 Berlin raided by heavies
12/07/1944 Third in sweep across Lorraine
12/08/1944 Third Army closingin on Saar's key city
12/09/1944 Battle for Saar growing
12/11/1944 1st Army opens drive for Roer
12/12/1944 1,600 heavies hit Reich
12/12/1944-2 Saar cities fall to Yanks. Mightest bomber fleet hits Reich
12/13/1944 1,250 heavies hit Reich again
12/14/1944 First on Roer below Duren
12/15/1944 First Army starts drive for Roer in new sector
12/16/1944 7th smashed into Germany. Yanks span Lauter River
12/18/1944 Nazi attacks Dent First's line. Thrust carries foe back into Belgium and Luxemburg (Battle of the Bulge)
12/19/1944 News blackout imposed in West. Nazis hurl reserves against 1st
12/20/1944 Germans 20 miles into Belgium; 1st battles to seal off Holesin Line
12/21/1944 Monschau retaken by 1st Army
12/22/1944 1st retakes Stavelot as German winter offensive drives 30 miles into Belgium
12/23/1944 Flank attack slows Germans
12/27/1944 Nazis 4 mile from Meuse. 50 miles into Belgium.  Glenn Miller missing
12/28/1944 German drive may be stopped. Americans retake two towns
12/29/1944 Germans forced back 3 miles. Nazis pockets pounded by US artillery
12/30/1644 Nazis shoved back 10 miles
04/28/1945 1st Army links up with Reds. Berlin fight still rages
04/30/1945 Yanks in Munich. Report ultimatum demands surrender tommorrow
05/02/1945 HITLER DEAD
05/04/1945 Germany crumbling into chaos
05/05/1945 (pages 1 & 2 missing) IG will probe 4-F inductions
05/08/1945 GERMANY QUITS

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