06/17/1942 FDR -  Why We Fight  Volume 1, Number 1
06/24/1942 Second Front Next
07/01/1942 Back Alley Fighting
07/08/1942 G-Men crack spy plot
07/15/1942 We take first poke at Nazis
07/22/1942 Japs trimmed to size
07/29/1942 Women now in Army
08/05/1942 A.A.F. fighters over France
08/12/1942 Europe awaits 2d front
08/19/1942 A.E.F. want action
08/26/1942 U.S. hits Nazis in France
09/02/1942 4th War Year Promising
09/09/1942 Story of our 1st offensive
09/16/1942 Egypt too hot for Hitler
09/23/1942 She got 309 Nazis
09/30/1942 Grudge fight coming up
10/07/1942 They don't pull rank in this Flying Fortress
10/14/1942 Toughest birds in the AEF
10/21/1942 Kid skips school and joins AEF
10/28/1942 Defenders of Guadalcanal hold off Jap invaders
11/04/1942 Marine Issue - Semper Fidelis
11/11/1942 Journey to Iceland
11/18/1942 U.S. opens 2nd front
11/25/1942 Allies get upper hand
11/29/1942 British What So Proudly We Hail
12/02/1942 Air Force Issue
12/09/1942 Russia rolls inot high striking Nazis on two fronts
12/16/1942 Can you get your old job back ?
12/23/1942 African war in 2d phase as Rommel flees again
12/30/1942 He killed 40 Japs. McArthur fights back
01/06/1943 Navy Issue
01/13/1943 Natives go G.I. in South Seas
01/20/1943 Nearest to Tokio
01/27/1943 Tunis: Communique Only Routine6
02/03/1943 Allies agree on war strategy
02/10/1943 Ring of steel threatens Axis
02/26/1943 Across North Africa with the British 8th Army
03/05/1943 Exclusive battle sketches from Guadalcanal
03/12/1943 There's no front line in New Guinea
03/19/1943 Yanks in Africa
03/26/1943 The Enlisted Men's Roll of War Heroes
04/02/1943 How to get a job after your discharge
04/09/1943 Yank proposes changes on Army Mail Regulations
04/16/1943 Blow by blow Battleship action stories
04/23/1943 Pictures from the greatest war movie ever filmed
04/30/1943 Coast Guard Issue
05/07/1943 Pictures from the front lines in Tunisia
05/14/1943 Closeup photos of German, Jap and Italian guns
05/21/1943 How to live on a pacific desert island
05/28/1943 Story of the American Assam Dragons in India
06/04/1943 How do WAACS like the Army - and vice versa
06/11/1943 Story of Fortress crew missing in action for 66 days
06/18/1943 If you take 3 things into the desert, what would you take ?
06/25/1943 1st Anniversary Issue
07/02/1943 The Flying Training Command's new weapon
07/09/1943 The WAACS with the Army in North Africa
07/16/1943 Fighter group that shot down 74 enemy planes
07/23/1943 What do the British think of American soldiers
07/30/1943 How to spot marked cards in G.I.poker games
08/06/1943 The Army's new streamlined Airborne troops
08/20/1943 A GI's hitchhiker reports on his travels in Sicily
08/27/1943 Sketches of a South Pacific Bomber Crew in Action
09/03/1943 Normandie: The Navy's biggest salvage job
09/10/1943 Exclusive picture story of the Attu Invasion
09/17/1943 The fall of Sicily in pictures and front line stories
09/24/1943 The 8th Air Force: It's war over Europe
10/01/1943 Invasion scenes painted by Navy combat artists
10/08/1943 Personal history of a South Pacific Infantryman
10/15/1943 The story of an infantry battle in New Georgia
10/22/1943 A nine month detail on the Greenland Icecap
10/24/1943 Chow Time in Italy
10/29/1943 This American soldier fell for a booby trap
11/05/1943 Firing squad executes two German spies
11/12/1943 Report on the Australians who captured Lae
11/19/1943 Five day attackon the Japs atHastings Ridge
11/26/1943 Pictures of clean-up operations in South Pacific
12/03/1943 Enlisted men from Overseas at West Point
12/10/1943 Pictres of life aboard an American Submarine
12/17/1943 Sweating it out with an Infantry Battalion in Italy
12/24/1943 Toughest battle in the history of the Marine Corps
12/31/1943 Pictures of the "Fighting 69th" in invasion of Makin
01/07/1944 Polish flyers drop mines in German harbors
01/14/1944 American flyers describe life in a Nazi prison
01/21/1944 Pictures of German and Jap combat vehicles
01/28/1944 Attack on Arawe
02/04/1944 An Oregon County plans post-war jobs
02/11/1944 A day with the Supply Man on the Italian front
02/18/1944 B-25s fire 75mm guns at Japs on the Marshalls
02/25/1944 Modern living on a beachhead in Bougainville
03/03/1944 Beachhead action stories: Italy and the Marshalls
03/10/1944 Chinese-American air wing bombs the Japs
03/17/1944 What's the deal on pensions for ex-servicemen
03/17/1944 Down Under Exclusive Photos of Sub's Jap Victum
03/19/1944 British 'Round the Clock with 9th AF Marauders
03/31/1944 They Walked Into a Surprize Party at Eniwetok
04/14/1944 1st Cavalry Division's invasion of the Admiralties
04/21/1944 AUS The routine at an Air Force redistribution Station
04/21/1944 New Zealanders move into GreenIsland
04/28/1944 Rosie's Riveters and their mission over Europe
05/05/1944 Landing in Burma with Cochran's Air Commandos
05/12/1944 Yank photographer in the ruins of Cassino
05/19/1944 The story of the 2d battle of Bougainville
05/26/1944 Non-Coms tell replacements how to stay alive
06/02/1944 The sinking of the baby flat-top in Liscome Bay
06/09/1944 Behind Jap lines in Burma with Merrill's Marauders
06/16/1944 First interview with Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia
06/23/1944 The rescue of 22 Americans from Japs at Truk
06/30/1944 The landings in France
07/07/1944 GIs take over Rome, their first captured capital
07/14/1944 GI gangbusters break Italian black-market ring
07/21/1944 Yank reporter sees B-29 bombs fall on Japan
07/28/1944 Eyewitness report on the fighting at Saipan
08/04/1944 Old Rangers come home from the war
08/11/1944 Sketches and stories from the Normandy front
08/18/1944 Flying the shuttle run to our bases in Russia
08/25/1944 Return of the Russian
09/01/1944 Story of a GI who fought as an Italian Partisan
09/08/1944 Story of a Sailor's 31 months on Jap-held Guam
09/15/1944 The Marianas: Our newest combat classroom
09/22/1944 Report from one of the firt GIs to ener Paris
09/29/1944 Details of the Army's plan for demobilization
10/06/1944 A Yank artist front-line sketches from Guam
10/13/1944 War in the West
10/20/1944 A GI's four-page report from embattled China
10/27/1944 The Army and the Marines take Palau from the Japs
11/03/1944 With the Infantry Inside the Siegfried Line
11/10/1944 Two front Veteran compares Pacific and ETO combat
11/17/1944 A-Day: American GIs return to the Philippines
11/24/1944 Evacuation
12/01/1944 How one Infantry company changed in four years
12/08/1944 Stories and phots from the Philippines
12/15/1944 How we govern our first captured German city
12/22/1944 Division Veterans compare three campaigns
12/29/1944 Two GIs tell how their B-29s bombed Tokyo
01/05/1945 A Cruiser's log from Midway to the Philippines
01/12/1945 GIs in Congress discuss problems of Veterans
01/19/1945 The American Jet Plane and what makes it fly
01/21/1945 Third Army Divison Moves Up to the Line
01/26/1945 How Germans killed American Prisoners of War
02/02/1945 From Ireland to Italy with the 34th Division Veterans
02/09/1945 What Jap prisoners think about the war and us
02/16/1945 Pictures of the ruins of Cassino - One year later
02/23/1945 What you an expect from air travel after the war
03/02/1945 The war against Winter on the Western Front
03/09/1945 Burma Bridge Busters use new bombing trick
03/16/1945 The Cooks and Clerks who stopped the Jerries
03/23/1945 Report on two ex-GIs now back in civilian life
03/30/1945 The battle for Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima
04/06/1945 The Ninth Army's break through in the Rhine
04/13/1945 Front Line portrait of  Medic
04/20/1945 Portrait of a tired soldier
04/27/1945 GI tourists in Paris
05/04/1945 The low-down on the GI Racketeers in Paris
05/11/1945 The Life of Truman and the Death of Roosevelt
05/18/1945 German Atrocities
05/25/1945 The 1st Division - From Ft Devens to Germany
06/01/1945 THe GI's war in Europe
06/08/1945 How long will we have to fight the Jap war ?
06/15/1945 The Pacific War as it looks to an ETO Veteran
06/22/1945 GIs capture Hitler's mountain hideaway
06/29/1945 Ordeal at Okinawa
07/06/1945 The Normandy Invasion beach one year later
07/13/1945 Has the Army's Infantry training improved ?
07/20/1945 GI Global Sketchbook
07/27/1945 World Security Leagur explained in cartoons
08/03/1945 Is it smarter for us to take live Jap prisoners ?
08/10/1945 The Mississippi in wartime
08/17/1945 Germany - Morning after a five year bender
08/24/1945 Our bases in the Marianas
08/31/1945 Aussie Private tells of his emprisonment in a Jap jungle prison
Forced to build a bridge over the River Kwia
09/07/1945 Japs ready to quit, Tokyo radio says
09/14/1945 The GI's war against Japan
09/21/1945 German SS women let down hair in PW camp
09/28/1945 American GIs' first look at Japs on Peace Errand
10/05/1945 Surrender and Occupation of Japan
10/12/1945 Former Jap boss says Japan licked by science
10/19/1945 Ex-Premier Hideki Tojo tries to commit hara-kiri unsuccessfully
10/26/1945 GI Atom detail at Oak Ridge
11/02/1945 Silver hunter in Manila Bay
11/09/1945 Reconversion City - Detroit
11/16/1945 300 Yank prisoners of the Japs walk free at Fusiki on Honshu
11/23/1945 Toyko is scene of worst fire in history
11/30/1945 Interview with a Jap Kamikaze suicide flier
12/07/1945 GI Jill
12/14/1945 Job hunters face lower wages. PX opens in Toyko
12/21/1945 Washington faces the Peace
12/28/1945 Inventory - USA

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